1. We need cleaning and maintenance of offices in Bitola, do you work in cities other than Skopje?

BAPAL FMS offers its services on the entire territory of Macedonia.

2. Do you offer housing services?

Yes, our company offers housing services.

3. Do you clean inaccessible high surfaces?

Yes, we have the equipment for cleaning of high inaccessible areas up to 27m high. 27m.

4. Do you offer technical maintenance services (minor repairs at home and in business premises)?

Yes, we offer technical maintenance services in Skopje and on the entire territory of Macedonia.

5. Do you offer cleaning services for housing units?

Yes, we do, we offer cleaning of housing units with our, as well as with your cleaning materials.

6. Do you offer security services for individuals and for property?

BAPAL FMS offers physical and technical security services.

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